"Excellent! They are "Shanghai Pioneer Workers"


The autonomous team of Digitalization and Information Technology Department (formerly autonomous team of Equipment Department) of Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd. has been crowned the excellent team of "Shanghai Pioneer Workers" in 2021 by the recommendation by Federation of Trade Unions of Fengxian District and approval of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.

In the afternoon of December 16, 2021, the Symposium on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Fengxian District Federation of Trade Unions was held in Fengxian District Conference Center jointly by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and Fengxian District Federation of Trade Unions to commend the units and individuals who won the Shanghai May Day Labor Medal, Shanghai Craftsman Medal and Shanghai Pioneer Workers Medal in 2021.


(Zhang Yuyong (middle), the autonomous team leader of Shanghai RAAS Digitalization and Information Technology Department, attended the commendation conference on behalf of the company)

The autonomous team of Digitalization and Information Technology Department is responsible for the operation and development of the company's automation system, which is the central nervous system of all kinds of equipment for a manufacturing-type enterprise and whose normal operation is the key to ensure smooth production.

The autonomous team is on 24-hour duty to escort the normal operation of equipment and systems, showing the virility of RAAS men in their perseverance; they are also responsible for improving and optimizing the existing automation systems, participating in the development and acceptance of new projects, etc. Over the past few years, they have developed more than 10 new control programs, optimized and improved more than 40 automation systems, and participated in 8 new projects, interpreting the power of RAAS in innovation.


(A group photo of part of the autonomous team)


Zhang Yuyong, the leader of the autonomous team, and his partners cherish this honor very much: "Winning the title of Shanghai Pioneer Workers is an inspiration to the team and a new responsibility and requirement. The autonomous team promises to make further efforts, continue to actuate team spirit, and dedicate themselves to the development of the company and the blood products industry."


(Zhang Yuyong and the partners of the autonomous team, cherish this honor very much)