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                   First step:identification and registration


                 The second step:physical examination


The third step: blood sample

The forth step: blood sample test

The fifth step: automatically collection.

Sixth step: Package and Storage

Process for First-timer donation

1.According to valid license to verify you are 18-55 years old, and your household register are in the designated collect area.

2.Field registration, take photos and fingerprint.

3.Health questionnaire consultation and physical examination (X-Ray check included)

4.Take blood sample 3-5ml to test

5.Distribute the Donation license and submit to local heath administration department to approve after qualified the physical examination and sample test.

6.Wait for donating plasma

7.Take around 35 minutes to collect plasma

8.Receive compensation for your time and donation typically.

Process for second-timer and later donation

1.Register by valid identification and donation license.

2.Health questionnaire consultation, physical examination and take blood sample

3.Wait for donating plasma

4.Take around 35 minutes to collect plasma

5.Receive compensation for your time and donation typically

Note: Maybe a little differences in donation process in different plasma center, and time from register to complete collection is different too, detail please consult with local plasma centers.

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