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  • Answer:Whether from scientific view or long-term practice all shows that donation will not adversely affect the daily lives of healthy adults. Of course, the individual feels fatigue or sleepiness and some people will feel good at appetite, sleep after the donation and this is different from person to person. Overall, even the long-term plasma donation will not adversely affect the individual lives and health.

  • Answer: You need to do the following points:

    (1) Observe for general state of the health, answer the doctor’s question to avoid the adverse reactions caused by the concealed medical history.

    (2) During the menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation, and fatigue, physical discomfort, insufficient rest or poor diet can not donate.

    (3) Don't drink alcohol, don't eat greasy food, don't take any medications before donate.

    (4) Can not be an empty stomach, drinking water (especially dilute brine) to effectively add the body's moisture before and after donate

    (5) After plasma donation, guided by technician to continuous compress needle hole at 10 minutes and rest for about 20 minutes before leaving

    (6) Not to do strenuous exercise and heavy physical activity during24 hours.

  • Answer: Plasma protein therapy may from your donated plasma are used to help treat people living with threatening diseases.

    (1) Human albumin-- used to treat serious medical conditions such as shock, trauma, and recover blood volume during the operation and burn therapy

    (2) Human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection- used to prevent infection in patients with primary immune deficiency

    (3) Human coagulation factor VIII- used to treat the bleeding and dysfunction of wound healing caused by lack of coagulation factor VIII

    (4) Human prothrombin complex- used to treat the disorder of the coagulation mechanism caused by the lack of coagulation factors and the liver disease

    (5) Human fibrinogen- used to treat Fibrinogen deficiency and severe liver damage

    (6) Specific immunoglobulin- used for passive immunity after pathogens exposure of rubella, cytomegalovirus, rabies and tetanus, hepatitis A, smallpox and measles.

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