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Aims to become a giant in the global blood products industry

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    (1)Plasma center give the donors four categories of 21 items health checks in accordance with the provisions of the state, so that to early cure the disease, or early prevent no disease.

    (2)Reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease 

    Plasma donation can promote blood metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, take blood lipids, so that blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis to ease and prevent high blood lipids, high blood viscosity, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

    From the practice, "in vitro blood lipid removal" treatment is early used in many large hospitals, operate method is same as plasma collection.

    Of course, the prevention of high blood lipids and cardiovascular disease is a multi pronged. For example, pay attention to diet, eat less high-fat foods; moderate exercise, and so on.

  • Answer: someone asked: Donate plasma will be fat? In fact, this fear is not necessary, it is not scientific. Regular donation is not cause the body fat. The reason of some people get fat rapidly after donate plasma is excessive tonic and much rest.

    According to the current situation of the Chinese diet, after the donate plasma does not need to add special nutrition and rest. As long as the attention to supplement water, not engaged in heavy physical labor and strenuous exercise, normal diet and normal rest at that day.

  • Answer: There are always some people who worry about donating plasma can cause anemia. In fact, this fear is not necessary. Anemia refers to the number of red blood cells in the blood is insufficient or the content of hemoglobin is less than normal. The main cause of anemia is the loss of red cells, red cells over the destruction and long-term serious malnutrition, severe iron deficiency and hematopoietic dysfunction, etc.

    The main component of the donated plasma is water (91%), the amount of lost red cells and hemoglobin is very few and even less than the number of body's normal metabolism. Therefore, regular donate plasma is absolutely not lead to anemia. The women of childbearing age and the more vigorous thin donors should drink some milk donation process or donation after. Increase animal blood, animal liver, spinach and other foods containing iron and protein and calcium in the diet to supplement iron, protein and calcium and other nutrients.

  • Answer: Some people worry that plasma donation would reduce immunity to make people become sickly. These concerns are not the blood science performance. From a physiological point, the main component of the human immune system and resistance to disease is blood cell, donate plasma is water and protein, cannot cause the rapid reduction or loss of blood cells. Plasma donation will not have immunity to reduce infirm phenomenon. On the contrary, regular donation will stimulate the body's metabolism, so that the bone marrow to save a strong blood state, and enhance the body's immune and disease resistance.

  • Answer: Donate plasma is not smoking or even not drug taking, it is pricking to draw blood in human arm, punctured is painful. Are there also "addicted" to be tied? Donating is equal to participate in the rescue of a person or even a few people's lives. If donation will be addictive, that is saving lives and doing good things. The "addiction" is worth for national industrial and people’s health. Donate plasma to save people is offer the compassion, this is proud and happy! Donation is the charity of the healthy aged person!

  • Answer: Following are required:

    (1)Address of identification card is in the designated collect area.

    (2)18-55 years old

    (3)Nutritional status is good, weight least at 50kg for male and 45kg for female.

    (4)Good health and no organic diseases.

    (5)No anemia, no hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases

    Detail of collection process and specification please consult with local plasma centers.

  • Answer:Plasma is a part of blood, blood is composed of visible components - red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and the invisible components – plasma. Moisture accounts for 92% of plasma and the other is protein and inorganic salt. Each amount of donation plasma is 450-500ml. Every loss of moisture of donation plasma can quickly recover through supplement water. The loss of the protein was also added to the normal diet in 2-3 days. The shortest interval of the donation plasma in our country is 14 days, so the normal donating plasma will not affect health. Instead, donating plasma can promote blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, and be a certain beneficial effect for health.

  • Answer:Since the manual collection of plasma was forced out in 1997, the plasma was collected by automatic plasma collection machine. The disposable sterile prepackaged tubing materials are used to take the plasma donation. Through the needle and pipeline, blood is pumped to a fully enclosed collection system, blood visible components (red cells, white cells and platelets) and invisible components (plasma) were separated. The plasma is collected, the visible components are returned to your body. The plasma collected process in a fully enclosed disposable sterile system, not contact the air and other people’s blood, so there is absolutely no risk of being infected.

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